Two novels and the circus


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The circus may be loved or not – honestly I’m not a fan of the genre, maybe for the animal issue, maybe because clowns are creepy – but it is surely is an interesting setting for a novel.

I recently read 2 novels set in a circus, the former, “The night circus” by Erin Morgenstern is pure magic, consequently attractions are irreal and original, while the latter, “Pantomime” by Laura Lan, has the cirucs as a part of a more complex story (that developes in a series of novels). In this second case the circus is more similar to the ones we can find in reality: the commitment but also the multicultural society are well described.

Circus setting and description are better dealt with in “Pantomime”, the general plot and costruction of the novel are better in the “The night circus” (that also has a very nice cover).

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