Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls by Elena Favilli & Francesca Cavallo


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I think that Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls does not need a formal presentation, since it has focused a lot of attention: it is the outcome of a successful crowdfunding campaign both on Kickstarter and Indiegogo, it obtained great praises and critiques.

Because of its characteristics (the reasons it was written, the contents, the specific choice of the title) I think it’s a book that is either loved or hated; it’s difficult to judge it only for its content, because it is also about meaning and intent.

I liked it (and I’ve already buy it as present): it’s not flawless, maybe I would not have chosen the same 100 women or I would have written something different about some of them, but it needs to be praised for the good idea and realization.

The stories are sorted alphabetically by name, and all women are also portrayed in an illustration; the images, made by women illustrator around the world, are beautiful, and I think they fit the style of the woman described.

The title is provocative, but the book is suited for everybody: for children because it teaches that everyone can do great things, and for adults because it helps learning something new about people and foreign cultures and societies.

Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls by Elena Favilli & Francesca Cavallo ★★★★★

*I read this book in italian

Saints and Strangers by Angela Carter


Saints and Strangers, pubblicato anche come Black Venus (Venere Nera), è una raccolta di racconti di Angela Carter. Della scrittrice avevo già letto The bloody chamber and other stories, che era più basato su una riscrittura della fiaba classica; questa raccolta invece prende spunto da biografie reali che l’autrice sceglie di rivedere mettendo a fuoco alcuni avvenimenti chiave.

Lo stile narrativo è coinvolgente, ma molti racconti si appoggiano a una conoscenza dettagliata del personaggio descritto, e molti riferimenti rischiano di essere persi se il lettore ha di suo solo informazioni base.

In generale il libro non lascia delusi, anche se alcuni racconti spiccano rispetto al resto della raccolta, come il conclusivo The Fall River Axe Murders, Peter and the Wolf e Our Lady of the Massacre.


Saints and Strangers, known also as Black Venus, is a collection of tales by Angela Carter. By this author I read also The bloody chamber and other stories, that was mainly about deconstructing and retelling fairy tales; this collection instead takes origin from true biographies that the author re-writes focusing on some key events.

The narrative style is beautiful and engaging, but some stories need the reader to have a deep knowledge of the story behind the story, otherwise some references and details could be lost.

The book is generally good, but some stories are stronger than the others, like The Fall River Axe Murders, Peter and the Wolf and Our Lady of the Massacre.


Saints and Strangers by Angela Carter ★★★☆