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Sometimes authors take inspiration from myths and legends from various countries to write their own story or to insert the myth in a different context.

I think these inspiration are extremely fascinating: leaving aside the overall story quality this starting point allows to learn something about other or preexisting cultures.

In the following my opinions about three novels based on myths – different one to the other -. The outcome can be below expectations (for example in The scorpio races) but the premises are always wonderful:

  • The fox woman by Kij Johnson – takes inspiration from the japanese myth of the Kitsune, the fox women; the same story, in form of novella, is inside the collection “At the mouth of the river of bees” I already talked about.
  • The scorpio races by Maggie Stiefvater – based on the myth of the Capaill Uisce, aquatic monsters similar to horses; among the three novels is the one I liked less.
  • The brides of Rollrock Island (or Sea Hearts) by Margo Lanagan – about the selkie myth, the seal women took from the sea to live a human life.

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